My 2023 reflections and 2024 predictions - Happy new year!

Writing tools and AI advancements. Reflecting on 2023's predictions and peering into the transformative possibilities of 2024

My 2023 reflections and 2024 predictions - Happy new year!

Happy new year! 🎉 🥳

Thing 1 - a gift for writers (finally finished it!)
Thing 2 - reflections to my 2023 predictions - what did I get right?
Thing 3 - 2024 AI predictions

Thing 1 - Writing tools - beginner's guide

After months of 🕵️‍♂️ research and 💬 conversations...

✨ Out NOW ✨ - Writing tools - Beginner's guide

📖 Crafted with insights from real writers
🌟 Written with beginners in mind
💼 But it covers a wide variety of tools from very well-established to modern AI-first tools.

So, if you're a seasoned writer looking for new tools and techniques, you might find something useful in it as well!

You can get it here.

Thing 2 - 2023 reflections

I wrote my predictions for 2023 a year ago. Time to see how it went 😛

Hit: 5/10
Close: 4/10
Miss: 1/10

Considering how out there it all sounded then, it's pretty accurate. Even the "close" and "miss" are just a matter of time (could happen in 2024), not the wrong direction.

You can read more in detail or scroll to Thing 3 for predictions 😜

  • GPT-4 Release and Impact: ✅
    Released on March 14, 2023 as predicted
  • Tech Giants and Chatbots: ✅
    Google and Meta integrated AI into various products
  • Generative Auto-Completion: 🟨
    Significant focus on Generative AI but not as widespread in auto-completion
  • AI Agents Crossing 1M Users: 🟨
    Popular but specific user numbers not confirmed
  • AI Video Generation: ✅
    Notable advancements but not to the ex
  • Generative 3D Games: 🟨
    Developments in AI game generators, but no fully generative 3D game confirmed
  • AI-Generated Song in Top 10: ❌
    No AI-generated song in the top 10 in 2023. Great advancements in music generation, so maybe 2024 is the year.
  • Generative "Radio" Service: 🟨
    Spotify DJ + Channel 1 announcement
  • New AI Arbitrage Opportunities: ✅
    Various new opportunities emerged
  • High Competition in AI Arbitrage: ✅
    Diverse opportunities suggest growing competition

Thing 3 - 2024 predictions

  • GPT-5 drops and becomes the top model, stays undefeated for most of the year (or until GPT-6)
  • Open Source GPT-4 Equivalent (equivalent on evals)
  • Transformer architecture on-chip starts hitting the market - designated chips for LLM inference
  • Humanoid robots become available for purchase - cost as much as a car
  • AI agents become publicly/commercially available
  • Ads make it to the outputs of large language models
  • Informative content (and learning) starts becoming more of an interactive experience than passive consumption (due to LLMs, Bard integration with YouTube, and VR/AR)
  • Feature film with AI-only content goes viral
  • Apple becomes one of the major players in the GenAI space (and AI in general) - I expect them to allow users to run them locally on M3 and M4 chips

What would you add or remove? 😜

Cheers, Zvonimir