Cost-Effective Future of Water ⋆ AI of the week ⋆ Endure today, flourish tomorrow

From the cost-effective revolution in desalinated water making cities like Dubai thrive on artificial oases, to the groundbreaking advancements in AI, alongside the personal growth mantra of enduring today to flourish tomorrow

Cost-Effective Future of Water ⋆ AI of the week ⋆ Endure today, flourish tomorrow

This week we're focusing on actions we can take today to bring a better tomorrow.

3 things in 3 minutes per usual 😛

Thing 1 - Turning the Tide: The Cost-Effective Future of Desalinated Water

Although Earth's surface is ~71% water (and about 45% to 75% of your body), the majority is saltwater, unsuitable for drinking. Please don't try, this is not a challenge...

However, for example, Israel produces about 25% of its drinking water through desalination (a.k.a. the process of converting salty water to drinkable water). It costs about $0.41 per cubic meter, or about a penny for 6.4 gallons. This is a substantial reduction from the 2012 cost of $0.75 per cubic meter.

Changes in desalination cost, labor, and efficiency over a decade

For a bit of dry info... Over a decade, the price of desalination dropped by 45%, while compensation in similar sectors increased by 45%. As a result, the labor time required to afford a cubic meter of desalinated water has decreased by 62%. This means that in 2022, it takes a lot less work to purchase more water compared to 2012. The resource multiplier, indicating how much water can be bought per unit of work, increased by 165% from 2012 to 2022.

Cities like Dubai show us that entire urban centers can sustain themselves using desalinated water, winning over natural water limitations. With over 186 desalination facilities in development around the world, the scale of this innovation is expanding fast, transforming desalination from a niche solution into a key component of global water strategy.

This is a good reminder we're adaptable and when we focus on positive things, we can pull everyone into a better future. So let's!

Thing 2 - AI of the week

  • Anthropic made Projects available to Pro and Team users
    Projects allow you to ground Claude’s outputs in your internal knowledge (style guides, codebases, interview transcripts, or past work)
  • Agility Robotics signed the first Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) deal for its humanoids
Here's what their robot can do
Every scene in this video is generated with Gen-3 Alpha Text to Video
  • Google is planning on launching Recall-like feature for Pixel
    You'll be able to "go back in time" and ask questions about your data, and it's supposed to process it on device and be private and all that.
  • Meta announced Meta 3D Ge, a new state-of-the-art AI system that can generate high-quality 3D assets from text prompts in under a minute

And many more...

Thing 3 - Endure Today, Flourish Tomorrow

Your daily training might be demanding, but you will become someone with consistent higher levels of energy.

Your daily writing might be unpleasant, but you will become someone with consistent mental clarity.

Your daily expression of gratitude might be unfounded at times, but you will become someone with consistent joyful vibes.

The path to your ambitious goals might be frustrating, but you will realize that you could grow so much more than you thought.

In doubt, keep choosing the short-term pain, it will lead you to the life you want in the long term.

- Orange Book

Be someone who enjoys the struggle and you'll enjoy life.

Cheers, Zvonimir