We got lucky 🍀 ☄️ • Antarctica ☃️ • Negative inspiration 💫

Once you learn something, it's hard to unlearn it.

While writing this email I mistyped Antarctica. Every. Single. Time.

My brain refuses to accept there's a "c" in it, even though it has no problem placing it in Arctic.

Is there a name for this?

Thing 1: We got lucky, this time

If you were walking down the street and a brick fell right behind you, missing you by an eyelash... You'd think you're lucky, no?

This is happening to Earth in a few hours in a cosmic sense.

Asteroid 2022 FB2 missing Earth (and Moon) the afternoon of 2022-03-28

But we discovered it like a day ahead of it happening, so it's all good, right?

If it was going to hit, you'd have enough time to tell your loved ones you love them and say goodbye to this cruel world.

How about you do that anyway today? (just the first part, tho)

Blame the asteroid if you need to.


Thing 2: Antarctica, the real down under

Someone drops you off in the middle of Antarctica.

  • You: Where's the closest place I can get WiFi?
  • Seal: North.
  • You: Thanks for nothing.
Antarctica - the confusing continent

Why the heck would I ask for WiFi in the middle of Antarctica, Z?

To call an Uber, of course. How else are you gonna get back?


Thing 3: Negative inspiration

You will struggle to focus as long as you still think you have time.
- Orange Book
A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it's better than no inspiration at all.
- Rita Mae Brown

Deadlines take the wind out of your inspiration. But, boy, are they effective. They keep these emails coming to you week after week.

You never know when the ultimate deadline is gonna come. Asteroid or not. So you think you have time. And maybe you do.

But what are you using it for? What would you be using it for if you knew how little you have?

Cheers, Zvonimir