😱 Real-life laser spying ⋆ πŸ€– AI of the week ⋆ Reusable rockets πŸš€ in record time

Spying straight out of Splinter Cell. AI is picking up more speed. Another company flew a reusable second-stage test.

😱 Real-life laser spying ⋆ πŸ€– AI of the week ⋆ Reusable rockets πŸš€ in record time

From lasers that turn objects into microphones, to the latest advancements in AI and the race to create a fully reusable rocket. Dig in.

Thing 1 - Spying with a laser

You might've seen this in Splinter Cell - the Tactical Audio Kit (T.A.K.) - but it's real!

Marcus Hutchins built a laser that can turn random objects into microphones.

It works by shining a beam of light on an object and detecting the vibrations caused by sound waves hitting the object.

The laser can pick up sounds from a distance and without any physical contact, making it a potential tool for spying or eavesdropping.

Demo (short) video of the setup Marcus built

Thing 2 - AI of the week

  • DALLΒ·E 3 entered research preview and will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers in October
DALLΒ·E 3 is built natively on ChatGPT, which lets you use ChatGPT as a brainstorming partner and refiner of your prompts. Just ask ChatGPT what you want to see in anything from a simple sentence to a detailed paragraph.
This video is all you need to know about DALLΒ·E 3
  • v0 by Vercel Labs
    lets you create user interface components with simple text prompts and copy the code to use in your projects
  • OpenAI enables fine-tuning existing fine-tuned models
  • Microsoft announced DeepSpeed4Science Initiative
    enables large-scale scientific discovery through sophisticated AI system technologies
  • Google launched Bard Extensions
    allows Bard to connect to various Google apps and services and show you relevant information within the conversation
  • AIWaves Agents - open-source library/framework for building autonomous language agents
  • ChatGPT has a new knowledge cutoff date of January 2022
ChatGPT explains its new knowledge cutoff date
  • Tesla Bot update!
Showing off the latest capabilities (1 min 17 sec)

Thing 3 - Building a 100% Reusable Rocket in Record Time!

Stoke Space just nailed a test flight in Moses Lake, Washington! Their bucket hopper rocket took off, reached 30 feet, and landed - all in 15 seconds. πŸŽ‰

This wraps up the first phase of their Hopper program, proving they've got what it takes to make reusable rockets.

They've hit some other big things:

  • First to test a second stage with differential throttling.
  • First to fly a reentry vehicle with a regeneratively cooled heat shield that uses fuel to lower its temperature
  • Quickest to go from getting funded to showing off a reusable first stage.

This is just a step to building a reusable rocket that can fly again in just a day.

Progress seems to be speeding up, doesn't it?

Cheers, Zvonimir