Proof that placebos work (and not because of ignorance) • Here's a better order to eat your food • The power of belief

  1. Better order to eat your food
  2. Proof that placebos work (and not because of ignorance)
  3. The power of belief

Thing 1 - Here's a better order to eat your food

I might need to rethink and make adjustments to my fruit-first approach...

Here's what Jessie Inchauspé thought me about the effects of eating order on your glucose levels.


  1. Less aging
  2. Less inflammation
  3. Less weight gain
  4. Fewer cravings

And who doesn't want that?!

Narrator: and nobody raised their hand.

The correct order

  1. Vegetables
  2. Proteins and fats
  3. Starches (pasta, rice...) and sugars (including fruit)

Sounds simple enough, right? Unless your diet is burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

Why it works

Vegetables and their fiber land in your stomach, and then in your upper intestines.

Once they arrive, they coat the walls of your intestines with a viscous mesh.

Any starches or sugars that land there after absorb into your bloodstream to a lesser extent.

Welcome to the "Why the heck do you eat fruit first, Z?" section

Glad you asked... Fruits and vegetables digest easier than proteins and fats so eating them first leads to better digestion and less bloating. They also fill you up so you eat less of the main course.

But... looks like "fruits first" also spikes glucose which leads to cravings later, and kinda defeats the purpose of filling you up.

So Ima test out Jessie's suggestions and report back 🤞

(All the science you can read.)

Thing 2 - Proof that placebos work (and not because of ignorance)

Everyone around me thought I was nuts.

- professor Ted Kaptchuk, Harvard Medical School

And well... for a good reason?

Ted and his colleagues ran a study.

  1. They gave people sugar pills
  2. Told them the pills had zero medication in them
  3. Printed "placebo" on the pill bottles

59% of the people reported relief from symptoms over 3 weeks, compared to 35% in the control group.

They don't know yet how it works.

Our results challenge the conventional wisdom that placebo effects require intentional ignorance.

- professor Ted Kaptchuk, Harvard Medical School


Thing 3 - The power of belief

If you could see yourself through the eyes of people that believe in you, there would be literally no limit to what you could accomplish.

- Blake Burge

It was clear as day. Everyone I ever tutored, coached, or mentored was capable of more than they thought they are. (And I used to do it for a living.)

Overcoming the "I'm not good at X" was always more important than showing them how to do X.

  1. If someone believes in you and you trust their judgment, try doing the things they believe you can.
  2. Tell someone you believe in them. Forward them this email.

I'm a work in progress, working toward proving everyone who believes in me right. 🙂

Cheers, Zvonimir