🀝 Meeting Minds & AI Breakthroughs: Skin Cancer Detection & More | Stoic Wisdom for the Busy!

From forging meaningful in-person connections to exploring cutting-edge AI tools like DermaSensor for skin cancer detection, this edition of 3-in-3 delves into the art of being present, the power of technology, and the stoic mantra of focusing on what truly matters.

🀝 Meeting Minds & AI Breakthroughs: Skin Cancer Detection & More | Stoic Wisdom for the Busy!

I spent a few days this week meeting cool online people in person.

So much talent in one photo!! (and me in the red shirt πŸ˜‰)

This means I'm soooo behind on many things, trying to catch up. So let's make this Thing 1 for the week.

Thought of the week

Be so present in the moment with people that you don't even know where your phone is.

Thing 2 - AI of the week

  • DermaSensor got the green light to sell the first-ever AI tool that spots the main types of skin cancer
Infographic showing a hand holding the DermaSensor device and explaining how it works
Screenshot from DermaSensor website
  • Stately turns ideas into diagrams and code
  • Meta released Prompt Engineering with Llama 2 guide
  • Blink Energy developed a platform providing power and communication capabilities to a contact lens in your eye!
  • ChatGPT now lets you mention a GPT with @, and add it directly into your conversation.
  • Web LLM lets you run LLMs offline in your browser, accelerated with WebGPU - the world we live in...
  • Amazon's Diffuse to Choose (DTC) allows users to place any virtual item in any setting, ensuring detailed blending with realistic lighting and shadows.

Thing 3 - Stoic Approach to Modern Life

Be quiet, work hard, and stay healthy. It’s not ambition or skill that is going to set you apart but sanity.

- Daily Stoic

The "quiet" part depends on what your work is. Sometimes it's to be loud, share ideas, entertain, inform, make a ruckus...

"Be quiet" == "focus on what's important"

Cheers, Zvonimir