Little know 10 second trick to accelerate learning • What Dubai does to combat high temperatures • Purpose vs Drama

  1. Little know 10 second trick to accelerate learning
  2. What Dubai does to combat high temperatures
  3. Purpose vs Drama (you should avoid one of these)

Thing 1 - Little know 10 second trick to accelerate learning

Trying to play a sick new guitar solo?

Wanna jump on a sexy new TikTok trend?

  1. Repeat the sequence as fast as a mad man (for 10 seconds to a minute)
  2. Make mistakes. It's allowed.
  3. Stop completely
  4. Don't do anything for 10 seconds. Nothing. Nada!
  5. Repeat

What it does to your brain

Increases your rate of learning and retention.

Why it works

Hippocampus and neocortex (a.k.a. parts of your brain) become active and repeat the same sequence of neural firing at 20 times the speed, in both forward and reverse direction.

Have you tried it, Z?

Yes, yes I have. Check my TikTok.

Was it weird to just stop in the middle of practice and do nothing very frequently?

Embrace being different. Beat drops when you're ready. Yes, it was.


I was able to get into polishing the movement a lot faster than I'd usually expect to. And dropped it did.


Maybe, but the science is not :)


Thing 2 - What Dubai does to combat high temperatures

It feels like it was snowing just weeks ago. Because it freakin' was, Z, smh.

And yet, summer is just around the corner.

If the last few years are any indication (spoiler: they are), you'll see some record heat again.

Canada broke its record with 49.6 °C (121 °F) last year - (you can fry eggs above 42 °C) - and 570 died in B.C. alone.

A short Starship flight away, Dubai has a hot desert climate - and I'm not trying to be cute, that's the first sentence on the climate of Dubai wiki.

So what do they do?

They create their own freakin' rain!!

Diagram depicting a dude creating rain with a drone

They use drones to electrical charge into the clouds. This helps water droplets to merge and stick together, get heavy and fall down.

And what do you call water droplets falling from the sky? Rain.

US ski resorts in Colorado use this method to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

So cat's out of the bag. What do you think? Would you like us to be more or less involved in directly controlling climate?

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Thing 3 - Purpose vs Drama

People without any meaningful goals are always full of drama. They are bored with life. They end up focusing on small things that don’t matter.
- Orange Book

We have a built-in capacity for solving problems and we're optimized to run near 100%

If you don't pick problems to work on intentionally, you'll end up finding them in things that don't matter.

Decide to work on something that matters (to you) and you won't even notice how noise faded into background.

Time to take the noise cancellation headphones off and get some rest. Great week ahead!

Cheers, Zvonimir