Is chili good for you? ⋆ The magic of skill ⋆ Too important not to defy

Is chili good for you? ⋆ The magic of skill ⋆ Too important not to defy
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  1. Good news for chili 🌶️ lovers?
  2. The magic of skill
  3. Too important not to defy

Thing 1 - Good news for chili 🌶️ lovers?

No, there's no new chili flavors coming out.

It's better than that. How can it get better than that??

If this is not the first time you're reading 3-in-3, you already know - a group of scientists did a thing.

Now you'll learn about it.

They took health and dietary records of over half a million people (that's a lot) from the US 🇺🇸, Italy 🇮🇹, China 🇨🇳, and Iran 🇮🇷, a.k.a. all over the world.

Then they - and this is the fun part - compared people who (almost) never eat chili to those who do. Who thinks of this?

People who eat chili were

  • 26% less likely to die from heart or blood vessel issues
  • 23% less likely to die from cancer
  • 25% less likely to die from anything

They don't know the exact reasons why. Chili might not be giving you superpowers. But it also might. And Sean Evans might live forever.

When TRP receptors sense hot, cold and spicy, they turn on longevity genes that fight disease and can extend lifespan in worms & flies.

- David Sinclair

Hot wings for Monday lunch, anyone? 🍗


Thing 2 - The magic of skill

Sufficiently high skill level is indistinguishable from magic.

That's not how the quote goes but look at this chef and tell me it's wrong.

I tend to discard the "It's easy for you" kind of argument.

I put an insane amount of effort into those things. And it doesn't feel easy.

But it doesn't have to. As long as it looks effortless. And that's where the magic is. 🪄

What's your magic power? 🧙

Thing 3 - Too important not to defy

you will never be thanked for the hardest yet most important decisions you make as a parent or leader. possibly years later, but not at the moment.

reminder not to measure the impact of decisions by quickly being liked or thanked.

- Scott Belsky

You need vision, foresight, patience, and incredible strength to make hard long-term decisions that you'll be scolded for in the short term.

  • You may doubt yourself and feel pressure from others.
  • You may feel alone and unappreciated.
  • And in the end, you might be taken for granted.

If it's important enough, do it anyway.

'Till next week!

Cheers, Zvonimir