How to improve your memory (PART 2) • Music on shrooms 🍄 • Following heart and intuition

  1. Improve your memory (PART 2) - Visual images (and deja vu)
  2. Music on shrooms 🍄 (not what you think)
  3. Your time is limited

Before we jump in, a refresher on the "improve your memory" series:

Part 1 (last week - click to read)

1) Spaced repetition

2) Exercise

Part 2 (this week)

3) Visual images (and deja vu)

Part 3 (next week)

4) Meditation and sleep

5) Emotion and adrenaline

This is the method I used to pass my Discrete Math final in uni. I wallpapered the room with handwritten notes and then sat in front of it, taking mental snapshots. Turns out, I'm not the first to discover it.

Thing 1 - Improve your memory (PART 2) - Visual images (and deja vu)

You might have "photographic memory" - you look at something and you can't forget it, down to tiny details.

Chances are, you don't.

2-10% of children have eidetic memory (that's what most people think of when they say "photographic" memory).

As they age they lose it, so if you're older than 12, you're excused if you don't have it.

But don't be jealous. Those who have it often struggle remembering things they hear and are not so good at learning physical skills.

This is NOT about "photographic" memory

It's about a no-sweat technique you can use to memorize things.

Snap a photo of the thing you want to remember with your phone. 📸

Even if you never take a look at that photo again, you'll remember the objects, places, people, and details in it better than if you didn't.

And now the kicker:

You don't even need to take a photo with your camera 🤳

Wait, what?! How?

  1. Decide to take a photo
  2. Snap your eyelids shot to make a mental snapshot

It has a similar effect.

The downside of this method: you probably won't remember any sounds you were hearing at that moment. But ah well...

What happens in your brain when you have Deja Vu? (bonus thing)

Or maybe it's a glitch in the matrix - Photo by Viktor Talashuk

Your brain has a limited size. As smart as you are, past a certain age, you're not growing many new neurons.

You learn and memorize by strengthening certain pathways of neural firing. When neurons fire in a specific sequence it leads to that specific memory in the brain.

Deja Vu happens when those same neurons fire in some other sequence. It triggers the same behavior, the same sense of what happened.

So, Z, you're telling me I'm not psychic?

By all means... Don't let me stop you. 😜

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(to be continued next week…)

Thing 2 - Music on shrooms 🍄

(not what you think)

Tarun Nayar was a biologist. He found that every life form has bio-electricity. He started vibe-checking mushrooms. 🎶 🍄

And the rest is history.

Here's what happens when you hook up mushrooms to a mixer and help give them voice.

Mushroom Music Playlist from Tarun Nayar (<30 s)

He vibe-checks other things too.

Thing 3 - Following heart and intuition

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.
- Steve Jobs

As part of the same speech he also said:

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

What if your heart and intuition lost their voices because they've been screaming over other people's opinions and plans for you?

Listening for whispers is easier when someone else isn't yelling into your ear.

See you next week!

Cheers, vibing to some 80's remixes, Zvonimir