Has the time come? First flying ✈️ car 🚗 gets FAA approval for testing ⋆ 👪 People like you more than you think ⋆ 🧙‍♀️ Follow your curiosity

Not your uncle's flying car. Marty's got a thing or two to look forward to. Research that tells you people like you more than you think. Curiosity is great, use it as compas.

Has the time come? First flying ✈️ car 🚗 gets FAA approval for testing ⋆ 👪 People like you more than you think ⋆ 🧙‍♀️ Follow your curiosity

Thing 1 - First 100% electric flying car

Has the time come? At long last?

Back to the Future II inspired a bunch of people to dream about flying cars. For me, it was The Fifth Element...

ALEF Aeronautics founders didn't just sit on their asses and dreamt. It took them 8 years since founding the company and now...

They got FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) special airworthiness certification - which means they are allowed to road/air test it.

It's a sexy-looking car
  • 100% electric
  • drives on public roads
  • parks like a normal car
  • takes off and lands vertically
  • 200 miles driving range
  • 110 miles flying range
  • up to 2 passengers
  • expected in 2025
Cabin stays centered but the rest of the car turns sideways and becomes wings for long-range flight

You can preorder it for $300,000 - chump change, I know...

I don't think human-operated flying cars will dominate our skies. Autonomous flying cars? Perhaps.

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Thing 2 - People like you more than you think

It might sound like I'm trying to make you feel good. I do. But it's also true and backed up by research.

The liking gap is a phenomenon where people underestimate how much their conversation partners like them.


  1. The "Liking Gap" isn't picky about when it shows up. Whether your conversations are brief or lengthy, whether you're a student or just a regular person, it's there.
  2. If you're a tad shy, your "Liking Gap" tends to be wider
  3. You might think your fear of rejection, your self-esteem, or even your narcissism could influence this gap, but guess what? They don't matter.
  4. It's not because people don't show they like you. The real problem is that you're so caught up in your own self-doubt that you don't notice the positive signals they're sending. Who else feels attacked by this? 🤚
  5. Another downside of the "Liking Gap" is that it might make you enjoy your chats less and make you less likely to reach out to people in the future.


Thing 3 - Following your curiosity

Following your genuine intellectual curiosity is a better foundation for a career than following whatever is making money right now.

- Naval Ravikant

Following your own curiosity is hard because it often doesn't have logical sense.

Following whatever is making money right now is an amazing recipe for hating your life in the near future. And you're never going to be as good as someone who enjoys it.

If you don't like rolling in the mud, why would you wanna compete with a pig?

Cheers, Zvonimir