Experience Mars on Earth, Meet the Future of Robotics, and Write with Clarity

Embark on a unique adventure as NASA seeks volunteers for a Mars simulation on Earth, immerse in the latest advancements with Sanctuary AI's Phoenix and Figure robots, and embrace the power of writing for personal clarity, not for the masses.

Experience Mars on Earth, Meet the Future of Robotics, and Write with Clarity

This week's 3-in-3 connects the thrill of a Mars simulation, the frontier of robotics, and the essence of clear writing.

Thing 1 - Experience the Red Planet on Earth: Mars Mission Volunteers Needed

For illustrative purposes πŸ™‚

NASA is looking for volunteers to join a thrilling year-long Mars adventure without leaving Earth!

They're setting up a special Mars-like camp at the Johnson Space Center, where you can get to live in a 3D-printed home called Mars Dune Alpha.

During the mission, you'll get to do spacewalks, control robots, look after your living space, stay fit, and even grow plants – as if you were on Mars!

If you're a fit and curious U.S. citizen or permanent resident, non-smoker, between 30-55 years old, with a background in science, technology, engineering, math, or you have experience flying, you might just be who they're looking for.

You've got until April 2 to apply, and yes, they're paying!

Thing 2 - Robots of the week

Sanctuary AI's Phoenix

Screenshot of the video of robot Phoenix performing

Phoenix can now autonomously complete simple tasks at human-equivalent speed.

This is critical for these humanoid robots to be useful.

Phoenix is unique among humanoids in its speed, precision, and strength, all critical for industrial applications.

- Geordie Rose (CEO, Sanctuary AI)

Figure 01

Screenshot of the Figure 01 robot making coffee

Figure raised $675M at a $2.6B valuation from Microsoft, OpenAI startup fund, NVIDIA, Jeff Bezos, Intel Capital, etc...

They also signed a collaboration agreement with OpenAI to develop next-generation AI models for humanoid robots.

Thing 3 - Write for Clarity, Not for Crowds

A lot of people are afraid of publishing their own thoughts online.

You are not writing for others, you are writing for your own mental clarity.

You might connect with like-minded individuals, but that's just a bonus.

Don't overthink, write, publish, good things will happen.

- Orange Book

When I forget this, I stop writing...

Cheers, Zvonimir