🎸 Concert Magic Unveiled ⋆ AI of the week ⋆ Value of your attention

Bracelets that transform concerts into magic, explore the latest AI advancements, and learn the value of focusing your attention

🎸 Concert Magic Unveiled ⋆ AI of the week ⋆ Value of your attention

I didn't come across any potential cancer cures this week, so I went for some magic instead πŸ˜›

Thing 1 - When Tech Meets Concert Magic: The PixMob Bracelet

Each tiny light is a bracelet (screencap from the video below)

Alright, fine. I don't go to concerts often. But I like tech that feels like magic.

And that's what PixMob bracelets feel like in a large concert - a little piece of magic that transforms ordinary fans into a part of the show's dazzling visuals.
So how do they work?

Here's how they work

Imagine your wrist as a mini canvas, painted by an invisible artist with a flair for the dramatic. Inside every PixMob bracelet lies a little LED, a battery, and an infrared-signal-seeking receiver (kinda like your TV and its remote), all waiting to take orders from the big stage.

These orders come from transmitters sprinkled around the stage like magical fairies tossing invisible pixie dust. They whisper to your bracelet what color to blush, how bright to shine, and when to dance in sync with the beat or change colors as you "shake it off".

Walk into the venue, and the infrared signals awaken the bracelets like Sleeping Beauty with a shot of espresso. β˜• Β Step out, and they power down faster than you can say "encore".

They've partied with Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and K-Pop 🫰 stars. They're reusable and recyclable, so they're ready for the next big gig.

Magic. ✨

Check the effects in the Coldplay concert

Thing 2 - AI of the week

  • Google launched Project IDX - an AI-enabled browser-based development environment
  • IBM and NASA open source the largest geospatial AI foundation model on Hugging Face
  • Researchers at Google AI Find LLMs can use ML Models and APIs with just documentation
    Meanwhile, I've been asking Bing to look up docs before asking it to code something - to increase accuracy.
  • New version of Anthropic Claude Instant 1.2 becomes available through the API
    Faster, cheaper, can handle dialogue, analysis, summarization, and document comprehension
  • Amplitude introduced Amplitude AI - a suite of features leveraging AI and ML to help product teams use and learn from their data.

Thing 3 - Value of attention

Are you getting distracted by squirrels or you're reading? Which squirrel is winning?
The only thing we can truly control is where we place our attention and where we place our effort. Choose wisely.

- Dr. Andrew Huberman

He's a neuroscientist and knows a thing or two about what we can or cannot control.

In a world overflowing with distractions like billionaires' cage fights and squirrels, the mastery of your attention becomes a critical skill. Where you direct these finite resources determines your quality of life.

Focus on your dreams, your relationships, and the existential question of why the other line always moves faster at the grocery store. One of these is a joke.

Cheers, Zvonimir