AI vs humans, remember any date, Valentine's

AI and jobs. Memory methods to save your relationship (and more). Date suggestion that would land you sleeping on the couch.

Thing 1: AI is coming for your job!

If you're a software developer.

If you're not, good news - you're safe. For now.

Remember when a group of nerds trained a computer to beat a different group of nerds in the nerdiest game they could find? (AlphaGo story)

No, Z, I'm cool and I have friends.

This time the same group of nerds decided to beat a new group of nerds at programming.

They didn't. Yet.

But they got too close for comfort. 54% from the top.

Which means AlphaCode can code as good as an average competitive programmer.

Now what? Are all programmers gonna get fired and replaced by robots?

No, we have a few more years before wide adoption if we're lucky 🤣

It's not US vs THEM

We're not building this technology to take away from you things that you like to do. We're building it to take away the parts that you didn't wanna do in the first place. (nor the second)

Robo-developers will abstract away menial things. That will leave you to express your creativity. You'll see it come to life quicker than ever. GitHub copilot is already available in the wild and getting better.

We are trending towards the world where everybody can create software they need, as long as they can explain it in enough detail. AI will guess what you don't say.

Then what happens?

Thing 2: How to remember any date

You stand in front of your hotel suite's safe, trying to get to your wallet, so you can get some... snacks, let's call it snacks.

You text your significant other (SO): Hey, boo, what's the safe pin number?

Your SO (who's superpower is remembering dates): Oh, it's our anniversary date, I wanted something we both know.

You: cool, thanks!

You (thinking): I guess I'm not having snacks.

These problems are soon going to be a part of the past. (Just book an all-inclusive next time)

Inspired by piphology (what did you just call me?) comes a mnemonic for remembering digits.

Here is how it works

  • Think of a sentence (or expression) where the length of each word is a digit in the number.
  • Remember it.
  • Use it when needed.

Example, for π (that 3.14 number that nerds use) you could use:

  • May(3) I(1) have(4) a(1) large(5) container(9) of(2) coffee(6)?
  • How I wish I could calculate Pi

Speaking of dates... Need a date for Valentine's? 😜

It's February 14th.

You're welcome.

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Thing 3: Happy Valentine's (choose what you remember)

Given that St. Valentine was a third century Roman priest who was stoned and beheaded, wouldn't a more appropriate celebration of the evening be taking one's steady gal out to witness a brutal murder?
- Sheldon Cooper

That's great, thank you, Sheldon.

It's good to remember that you have a choice of which moments you want to recall and celebrate. You can either pick the worst, the best, or something in between.

Whatever you pick, you'll give it a new life. You'll get to relive it and let it have an effect on you. Which way do you want it to evolve?

Cheers, Zvonimir