[VIDEO] Thrills, Chills, and AI Skills + Finding Balance in Difficulty

Soul Flyers leap from mountain to moving plane, we dive into the latest AI advancements including OpenAI's accessibility update and Stability AI's musical genius, and embrace the wisdom of choosing just-right challenges for personal growth

[VIDEO] Thrills, Chills, and AI Skills + Finding Balance in Difficulty

We'll cover some cool things today:
1️⃣ jaw-dropping leap into a flying plane over the Swiss Alps
2️⃣ AI breakthroughs of the week
3️⃣ Balancing difficulty for personal growth

Thing 1 - Two dudes jump 🪂 from a mountain into a flying plane 🛩️

Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, a.k.a. the Soul Flyers:

  • jumped from a snowy peak
  • glided through the air in a wingsuit
  • AND landed inside a plane flying high above the Swiss Alps!!
It's just a 2 min video, watch it!

Thing 2 - AI of the week

  • Stability AI introduced Stable Audio 2.0 - a new model capable of producing high-quality, full tracks with coherent musical structure
  • Anthropic added tool use (function calling) to their API
  • Aqua - voice-only document editor
This is an impressive 3 min demo!

Thing 3 - Find Balance in Difficulty

We're made to endure difficulty. It's what makes things interesting and fun. And it helps us live longer!

The challenge is to balance the right amount of difficulty to maintain flow.

Difficult books make you smarter.
Difficult trainings make you stronger.
Difficult experiences make you wiser.
Difficult investments make you wealthier.
Difficult conversations make you sharper.
Difficult goals make you grow faster.
In doubt, choose the more difficult path.

- Orange Book

And here's a good way to find that balance:

Always have goals that are slightly too difficult for the current you. It forces you to grow, and your anxiety will go away during the process of improving yourself.

- Orange Book

If you're bored, find harder challenges.

If you're overwhelmed, simplify, break down, and focus.

Cheers, Zvonimir