The curse of knowledge ⋆ Directional arrow of progress ⋆ Worth living

The curse of knowledge ⋆ Directional arrow of progress ⋆ Worth living
Photo by Fab Lentz / Unsplash
  1. The curse of knowledge
  2. Directional arrow of progress
  3. Worth living

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I read, watch and enjoy all of them, keep 'em coming!

Thing 1 - The curse of knowledge

Photo by Matthew Feeney

The curse of knowledge is what would prevent me from telling you about it because I'd assume you already know.

But it opened my eyes in a new way this week so here we are 🙂

Ok, Z, what is it already?

It's a cognitive bias preventing people from sharing what they know because they think everyone else already knows it.

It also prevents experienced people from connecting with those they teach. Assumptions!

The optimal time period for most things seems to be 2 years.

  • Teach someone who's 2 years behind you on the same path.
  • Learn from someone who's 2 years ahead.

Share things that are obvious to you. They aren't obvious to everyone.

And that's where the curse is - it's obvious so you don't notice it, or think it's worth sharing.

People remember hits more than crap, so shoot your shot.

Side note

If there's something you want to learn, just look it up and there'll be someone to teach you.

The best float up to the top.

Internet got us to the point where the best teachers come up to the top and anyone else with the knowledge can fill in the gaps if you ask the right questions.

Thing 2 - Directional arrow of progress

Photo by Fab Lentz

The future is notoriously hard to predict. But leaves clues.

If you take a look at the steps that got us here and look up, they often go somewhere. It might be foggy but you can see the silhouettes.

Room-sized computers ⇨ Personal computer ⇨ Laptop ⇨ Smartphone ⇨ Smartwatch ⇨ ❓

An important thing to check when predicting the future with the directional arrow of progress:

Is the fire still burning bright under people and markets that have been driving the progress so far?

  • If YES - What's the next logical thing in this trend?
  • If NO - You're smart, you can figure this one out... 😜


You can be wrong if you picked up a fake trend and the trend was something else that manifests the same way.

Thing 3 - Worth living

Photo by GR Stocks
On the ground, a rock is just a rock. But when moving at high speed through the atmosphere, a rock becomes a meteor—alive with fire and burning bright.

People are not so different. Without activity, we are lifeless and dull. When moving fast and taking action, we come alive.

- James Clear

Would you rather watch a movie about

  • someone watching TV all day, making no initiative


  • someone taking bold moves with incomplete information, taking great risks with a sizable upside, learning and improving along the way?

You're the hero of your own movie.

They say your life flashes in front of your eyes the moment you die.

Make it a freakin' show worth dying for.

Cheers, Zvonimir