My Secret to Achieving Big Goals ⋆ AI of the week ⋆ Humanity is weird

PARI Framework to achieve big goals through 4 steps. Latest in AI. Humanity's complex journey.

My Secret to Achieving Big Goals ⋆ AI of the week ⋆ Humanity is weird

Let's just jump in, shall we? 3 things in 3 minutes. 😃

Thing 1 - My Secret to Achieving Big Goals - The PARI Framework

I even made a 6 min video about it

It leverages these 3 things

  1. Growth mindset
    A Yoda-level belief that Rome wasn't built overnight. It was built by a young padawan through sweating every day in the forests of Dagobah.
    (for non-geeks: regular, repeatable steps that compound)
  2. Metacognition
    Take a 3rd person view of what you do.
    Observe how you work and understand information.
    Tweak it to optimize your character in this game of life to level up faster in areas you care about.
  3. Self-authorship
    Don't follow the game's default storyline. Instead, look for things that turn on your soul's light bulb. Pursue them like your hair's on fire and they are the only bucket of water around.
    Do it every day.

By taking you through these 4 steps

  1. Pact
    What are simple and repeatable things you can do to get closer to your goal?
    Commit to them. To yourself. To your friends. To someone who will haunt you in your sleep if you don't stick to it.

    BAD: "I will learn how to code"
    GREAT: "I will code every day for a hundred days"

    BAD: "I will run a marathon"
    GOOD: "I will run 3 times a week"
  2. Act
    Do it.
    Yes, for real.
  3. React
    Take that 3rd person view again.

    - Did you feel productive?
    - Was anything in particular hard to learn?
    - How’s your mood?
    - What did you wish you knew before getting started?

    Shoot a quick message to those that haunt you. It's a great way to store your thought process and reflect on your experience.

    Bonus: tell it to the world! It feels like throwing oil on the fire of your insecurity BUT it will make you mindful of your productivity.

    Medium may be the message, but in this case, it doesn't matter.
  4. Impact
    You've been doing the thing, improved with each iteration, and no one came to haunt you in your dreams.
    Now you're ready to step out of your comfort zone.
    It may feel like it's early morning and you wanna yell "5 more minutes, Mom!", but you're ready to pop.

    "Build your first app."
    "Sign up for a 10k race."

The best thing -  how flexible it is.

The "React" phase can change everything.

You chickened out? Change your commitment.
You're getting haunted even if you're doing fine? Get better friends.
Some other reasonable question? Some other reasonable answer.

(Inspiration/Source: link)

Thing 2 - AI of the week

  • The US AI Literacy Act
  • Krea is now in open beta, no more invitations required
  • Midjourney Alpha is here
  • Julius AI - AI data analyst - I still need to test it in depth
  • OpenAI published a prompt-engineering guide
  • Vercel v0 is now open to everyone
  • Channel 1, a personalized global news network powered by generative AI set to launch in 2024
  • Mistral AI launches Mixtral 8x7B - GPT-3.5 class AI running on your computer. It's free, open-source, pretty fast, and doesn't need an Internet connection
  • Backdrop is now available on Instagram in the US. It uses technology from both Segment Anything (SAM) and Emu

And many others...

Thing 3 - Humanity is weird

The real problem of humanity is the following: we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.

- E. O. Wilson
  1. Develop your emotional intelligence. Focus on empathy and self-awareness.
  2. Engage in society, and try to make improvements.
  3. Be mindful of the ethical implications of your technology use and support responsible development.

Cheers, Zvonimir