155 tools for $0 • Talk yourself into amazing things • What is "time price"?

155 tools for $0  • Talk yourself into amazing things •  What is "time price"?
  1. What is "time price"?
  2. 155 tools for $0
  3. Talk yourself into amazing things

Thing 1 - What is "time price"?

You're a time billionaire if you have a billion or more seconds left in your life (that's ~32 years).

Since you can't even know if you're one now (but I was one!), let's talk about a more useful concept.

  • Money price → 💸
  • Time price → ⏰

How long do you have to work to be able to afford something - that's time price.

Your time price of something will be different than mine. To find out what it is divide the money price by your hourly income.

This is obvious, Z, get to the point...

There are many advantages (that I might get into in the future).

But what does it mean for you?

Your income changes over time. The amount you work changes over time. The money prices change for various reasons (inflation, that pesky inflation).

You can maximize getting the most out of life by setting budgets for things based on time prices. As your time prices go down (your income goes up or money prices go down) you can scale up things you enjoy - guilt-free.

Let's say you like traveling. You can decide to afford anything that's below a certain time price. If your time prices for traveling go down, you can afford presidential suits and lavish restaurants.

If you're retired (or don't work for other reasons) all your time prices are ZERO 🤔

But if you're not careful, that can change 😉

(VIDEO) Time prices | Superabundance (2:22 min)

Thing 2 - 155 tools for $0

This is so good it feels illegal but it's not.

Files you upload to TinyWow are deleted 15 minutes after upload.

Thing 3 - Talk yourself into amazing things

Impostor syndrome: “I don't know what I'm doing. It's only a matter of time until everyone finds out."

Growth mindset: "I don't know what I'm doing yet. It's only a matter of time until I figure it out."

The highest form of self-confidence is believing in your ability to learn.

- Adam Grant

What you tell yourself is crucial. You're the first person you need to convince.

You'll notice more of what you're thinking about.

Your brain has your back. You can outsource things to it by choosing to focus on stuff.

  • Thinking about buying a red car? Why the heck did everyone start driving red cars all of a sudden?
  • Thinking about all the ways inflation is screwing with you? Everyone started laying people off...
  • Thinking of the ways the world is helping you? You'll notice those too.

What was that? Challenge accepted? 😜

Cheers, Zvonimir

P.S. Yes, trillion has 12 zeros, thanks for paying attention 🙃